Variant Mining Technologies is a leader in providing clients with muck circuit material handling solutions, solving some of the industry’s biggest challenges in moving material safely and efficiently, while remaining cost competitive. As an innovation driven company with roots in an internationally recognized mining center, our growth plan has always been focused on staying ahead of the curve by introducing new technologies to the industry. We put our clients first, evaluating your challenges with specific focus on introducing the latest technologies into our solutions. Our technologies have proven to increase the safety of your operations, gains in productivity, extended life of your equipment and reducing operational costs. Our products range from Loading Chutes to Underground Rail Haulage to wireless control packages – we stand behind every product we sell.

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    Loading Chutes

    Variant Mining Technologies (VMT) loading chute systems have proven to be the equipment of choice to many Tier 1 Mining Clients…

    Rail Haulage Solutions

    VMT proudly represents industry leader Clayton Equipment in North America – offering clients over 80 years of proven systems…

    Wireless Control & Camera Systems

    Variant Mining Technologies (VMT) strategically works with industry professionals to provide the latest in technologies for control systems…

    Descender Systems

    Variant Mining Technologies (VMT) welcomes Descender Systems to our newest lineup of technologies and product lines…


    “I have been conducting business in some capacity with Variant Mining Technologies since 2017. Variant Mining Technologies (VMT) was first approached for bidding on underground material load out chutes. The supplied proposal to the project captured a complete load out chute package which displayed a very high attention to detail and an experience in the underground mining environment and sector. Namely the inherent risks, hazards and difficulties encountered in the underground environment. Their initial proposal included the provision that the system could be tailor fit to the specified application and showcased their competitive nature across other vendors.

    From my knowledge and experience with VMT and the attention to detail that is provided by their team, I approached them again with the request to supply load out chute control boxes for an upcoming project. VMT worked with my team to determine the specific operational requirements for our application which was to move away from ‘in-house’ fabricated control boxes. The delivered product not only met the operational needs without changing the operational look or feel of the control, but provided significant built in safeties that protect both personnel, process and equipment. Through the installation and commissioning process VMT provided timely support to the teams doing the installation.

    After a duration of the control boxes being installed, my team identified some modifications that were requested to better support our operation. VMT was both receptive and responsive to supply both updated units going forward and offer packages which would retrofit the existing units to allow for better operation.

    Through the past four years, the VMT team has been a regular, but not over bearing, presence. Ensuring that our operational needs are met, materials and spares are supplied in a timely fashion and providing innovative solutions both for now and in the future.

    Bracken V. Spencer, PE, PMP Stillwater Mine

    “The Oyu Tolgoi Mine have contracted Variant Mining to supply the first five (5) truck chutes of many. The decision to collaborate with VMT to deliver these chutes had been based on the robust design and its ability to be operated in a safe manner while meeting our ore handling demands. To backup these claims, many proven examples of the Heavy Duty Chute in operation had been witnessed.

    During the design and specification phase of the project, there were many challenges with site-specific needs that required engineering solutions to ensure a safe and compliant arrangement. Variant Mining were pro-active in helping us achieve our requirements and offered solutions that would improve the overall design of our loading station.

    The control system developed for our particular scenario is quite complex to ensure the safe operation and loading of trucks is controlled at all times. To ensure compliance, quality and operability, VMT built a complete chute and mock loading station to demonstrate the communication/loading methodology that had been adopted during the design specification. This setup allowed a functional understanding and an appreciation of the work required to deploy the system, it also gave the team confidence and assurance that VMT had delivered on their brief.

    With the first of our chutes still to be installed, we are very much looking forward to seeing them operate and form part of our Ore Handling Solution.

    VMT has shown that they are a company that can be trusted and provide you with a designed system that will help you achieve your production goals.”

    Oyu Tolgoi Engineering Team Brisbane

    “Creighton Mine have used the VMT-Heavy Duty (HD) Chute exclusively for the past 15 years. This strategic partnership has benefitted our mine with an ore handling solution that both meets and exceeds performance expectations for standardization, robust reliability and safe operation.

    As Creighton Mine develops deeper and with every new VMT-HD Chute purchase, Variant Mining Technologies listens to our inputs and challenges. They use continuous improvement to draw from their vast experience to develop a chute system that exceeds our expectations to continue mining at depths.

    Since we have been using the VMT-HD Chute, our chutes last longer and require less maintenance. Down time is minimized and is safer to operate and maintain. Every VMT-HD Chute installed is still currently operating to specifications. We have many VMT-HD Chutes in operation and continue to receive professional support from the team at Variant Mining Technologies.

    Variant Mining Technologies is a supplier we can count on for our ore handling needs. We highly recommend their products, team and support for your operations.

    VMT is a company you can trust to provide the system right for you.”

    PMO Team Creighton Mine

    “I would like to send my sincere thank you to your team at Variant Mining Technologies for their patience while we decided on the amount of chutes we were going to purchase. Your expertise in this business has helped us sort out the type of chute that fit the needs of Snap Lake. The replies you gave us were in a very timely manner and made Variant Mining Technologies an easy choice now and in the future for chute installations. This has been 2 chutes we have ordered and have received them as per the schedule and because of that we have ordered 3 more.

    I thank you for the parts list also. I would recommend Variant Mining Technologies to any other mining company if they are looking for dedicated service for mining chute support.”

    Marc Leclair Mine Manager Snap Lake Mine


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