Variant Mining Technologies is a leader in providing clients with muck circuit material handling solutions, solving some of the industry’s biggest challenges in moving material safely and efficiently, while remaining cost competitive. As an innovation driven company with roots in an internationally recognized mining center, our growth plan has always been focused on staying ahead of the curve by introducing new technologies to the industry. We put our clients first, evaluating your challenges with specific focus on introducing the latest technologies into our solutions. Our technologies have proven to increase the safety of your operations, gains in productivity, extended life of your equipment and reducing operational costs. Our products range from Loading Chutes to Unground Rail Haulage to wireless control packages – we stand behind every product we sell.

Our Mission

To be known as the leading solution provider, adding value to everything we do.

Our Philosophy

Contributing to customer success makes us successful.

Our Assets

The experience of our employees, our partners and our customers.

Our Strategy

Be responsive to customer needs, be innovative, work hard and use teamwork to always deliver what we promise.

Our Promise

To be honest, act with Integrity and provide the expected functionality.

Working to these principles and striving for excellence will result in safety, productivity, longevity and profitability for both our clients and ourselves.