Variant Line Up

Variant Arc Gate Chute

The Variant Arc Gate Chute is a feature-rich, cost-effective loading system designed for low-tonnage applications. Available in custom sizes to suit your environment, it is specifically designed for easy assembly and installation. This contributes to keeping your installation costs low and minimizing downtime.

  • Increased Durability
  • Improved Safety
  • Simplified Maintenance
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Variant In-line Loading Chute (Standard Duty)

The Variant In-line Loading Chute is highly reliable, productive system for rapidly loading ore into haulage trucks or rail cars.

The Standard Duty Variant Chute is a conventional headblock configuration loadout chute, incorporating several of the key design features developed with the Heavy Duty Variant Chute — lapped liner plates, perpendicular assembly joints, cast-in upper rockbox frames, and added structural stiffeners throughout the rockbox and lip structure.

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Variant In-line Loading Chute (Super Heavy Duty)

The Variant In-Line Loading Chute (Super Heavy Duty) is a step forward in the evolution of In-Line Loading Systems. It is specifically designed for high tonnage ore passes where a chute is expected to last many years.

The chute is a extremely ruggedly built, with heavy reinforcement on all sidewalls, lip walls, lip floor and pin connections. The lip pins are brass bushed and pinned, providing a zero-radius hinge— with no hinge crush point.

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Variant Vibratory Feeder

Variant Mining Technologies’ innovative Vibratory Feeders are designed to transport and redirect muck in underground circuits. Built to the highest engineering standards, they can be incorporated into your existing systems or coupled with Variant Mining Technologies industry-leading chutes.

Each Vibratory Feeder is custom-built to meet our customers’ individual requirements. Our Feeders are completely cageable and specifically designed for easy installation. They can be pneumatically or hydraulically driven, according to your needs.

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Variant Measuring Box

Custom-built to suit your application, Variant Mining Technologies Measuring Boxes can be used to load skips, haulage trucks, ore cars, and conveyors.They are pre-assembled and tested in the Variant Mining Technologies manufacturing facility prior to shipment.

We offer both volumetric and gravimetric models of measuring boxes with many features available to customize them to your work environment.

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