Business Growth: Variant Mining Technologies

by: Northern Ontario Business Staff
Variant Mining Technologies is a leader in providing clients with muck circuit material handling solutions, solving some of the industry’s biggest challenges in moving material safely and efficiently, while remaining cost-competitive.

As an innovation-driven company with roots in an internationally recognized mining centre, their growth plan has always been focused on staying ahead of the curve by introducing new technologies to the industry.

“Our value comes from fostering a core belief in our people ensuring the success of clients with quality solutions and support,” said Derek Meloche, Variant’s manager of business development and sales.

During the recent downturn in the mining sector, when many other companies were cutting back, they invested in bringing this model to a global platform by developing like-minded international partners, knowing eventually there would be an upswing.

In less than 10 years, they’ve gone from being a small and predominantly local provider to a global platform, doing business in places like Chile, Mongolia and Australia, and it’s only the beginning of their expansion.

“We go out there and actively seek and develop our strategic partnerships so we can duplicate the successes from home,” Meloche said.

“It’s a process over proceedings and relationships. We want to be sure our partners are the right fit.”

In their business, it’s not just about selling to customers, it’s about forming partnerships to carry their brand, product line and after-sales service internationally. Every deal builds their reputation as a top choice to tier one mining companies for products and services.

Meloche added the Canadian Trade Commission has also been a great help with securing potential partnerships and promoting Canadian mine service companies overseas.

Pursuing business deals at a time when there was little business to be had, and sometimes no guarantees of projects getting off the ground, was risky, but they had to maintain their presence in the market.

The upside of being part of a project contract is there is often plenty of lead time.

Variant already has a reputation for responding quickly to tight deadlines, often in as little as four hours, for a service call.

However, they could have up to six months to deliver on an equipment order.

Going forward, the company is continuing with expanding their presence globally, targeting markets in Australia, South America and Russia, among others.

The company is seeing its biggest growth in the past year, and they are staying with the mantra that has worked so far: stay ahead of the curve.

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