Vale – Creighton Mine have used the VMT-HD chute exclusively for the past 15 years. This strategic partnership has benefitted our mine with ore handling solutions that meets and exceeds performance expectations for standardization, robust reliability and safe operation.

As Creighton Mine develops deeper and with every new VMT-HD Chute purchase, Variant Mining Technologies listens to our inputs and challenges. They use continuous improvement to draw from their vast experience to develop a chute system that exceeds our expectations to continue mining at depths.

Since we have been using the VMT heavy duty chute, our chutes last longer and require less maintenance. Down time is minimized, safer to operate and maintain. Every VMT heavy duty chute installed is still currently operating to specifications. We have many VMT heavy duty chutes in operation and continue to receive professional support from the team at Variant Mining Technologies.

Variant Mining Technologies is a supplier we can count on for our ore handling needs.

We highly recommend their products, team and support for your operations.

VMT is a company you can trust to provide the system right for you.

PMO Team, Creighton Mine